Thursday, January 5, 2012

The year that was: 2011

Well I am very embarassed to see my last post was in October, 2010. That is over a year ago. That shows to me how fast time flies!!! Let me review the year that was 2011:

Started the new year in Sydney as part of the National YSA Convention. Was able to catch up with some old friends and of course made plenty of new ones!!! Had a good time in Sydney but still have to say my favourite city is Melbourne (sorry to all my wonderful Sydney friends!!)

I also celebrated my 27th Birthday on January 26th (Australia Day). I had a lovely day with the morning at the beach and a relaxing afternoon at home!

This month saw me back in Sydney, with my family this time, for my middle brother Rhy's wedding to Amy. It was a rather busy but enjoyable week. Once again I got to catch up with some old friends but also got to spend some quality time with the family. Like all our trips there were ups and downs but on the whole it was a great trip.

Miss Independent ready for the trip!!!!

My favourite Chicken restaurant. We need to get one in Devonport!!

Darcey's new friend from Build a Bear
Nothing much looks good to Darcey. I think she just had chips that night!!

The Happy Couple

The Travers Clan Children

Yes Mum & I got to meet a few of the Sunrise Crew  

I also decided to go back to Uni. Applied to do some Psychology subjects so I can get my Masters in Music Therapy. It has taken me a long time to work out what I want to do with my music but finally I have come to a decision I am happy with.

After a couple of weeks honeymoon, Rhys and Amy had a "second" reception to include friends in their celebrations at the Raspberry Farm in Elizabeth Town, Tasmania. It is a beautiful location and there was of course pleanty of yummy raspberry foods!

One very yummy cake!!

Playing with Bubbles is always fun when your 2!! Not a care in the world!!


We had our Grand Opening for the Pharmacy at it's new Premesis under a new name (only 3 months after we opened!!) We moved to the main shopping district in East Devonprt & changed our name to Mersey Pharmacy Soul Pattinson. The new Pharmcay look soooooo much better and is way easier to access!!! (If you haven't seen it yet come visit the lovely girls or find us in facebook!!!)

...........Well these first three months were rather interesting. Check back for the next installment soon!! :)


  1. You better keep up with this! he he :D

  2. Wow, you had a fun packed start to last year! Great to see you blogging.

  3. It is one of my goals to blog regularly. I will update on facebook when I do.